questioning in order to create (tigriswolf) wrote in copsandhunters,
questioning in order to create

my brother says - PG, gennish, AU

Title: my brother says
Author: tigriswolf
Disclaimer: not my characters
Warnings: AU; implied abuse of every kind
Pairings: implied parental incest
Rating: PG
Point of view: third
Wordcount: 420
Prompt: Supernatural/Fight Club, Sam/Dean or gen, There's really only one Winchester son, but nobody's about to tell [insert brother of your choice here] that.

All the shrinks agreed the breaking point came with that fire, when the kid's mama died screaming. No one was sure if she was Winchester's first victim or if her death really was accidental, but whatever happened that night, it was bad for everyone involved. Especially the kid. Apparently, there'd been a brother before that night, but after… he was a half-orphaned only child.

Tags: au, fic, gen, preseries, rated pg, victor henriksen
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