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copsandhunters's Journal

The Lawmen (and Women) of Supernatural
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Welcome to copsandhunters, a fan community for the television show Supernatural.

This community accepts fanfiction, icons, art, vids, and discussion about the characters of Victor Henriksen, Kathleen Hudak, Diana Ballard, and the other law men and women Sam, Dean, and John have run into over the years. Original character fics that involve law enforcement or criminal investigation and are set in the Supernatural universe, and crossovers with policemen, detectives, FBI agents, private investigators, and similar characters from other fandoms, such as Veronica and Keith Mars from Veronica Mars, Karrin Murphy from The Dresden Files or Seeley Booth from Bones are also welcomed, as are crossovers with fandoms that include characters from fictional law enforcement agencies, such as Harry Potter's Aurors.

We also accept general posts about the legal aspects of the show and reference/resource posts with, for example, analysis of how real-life police procedure is incorporated into the show, or the implications of Henriksen's Special Agent training on his characterization in canon and fanfiction.

We accept all ratings, pairings (including Wincest), genres, and styles. However, please include appropriate warnings above the cut.

The Rules

1. Absolutely NO spoilers for episodes that are unaired in the US. Spoilery posts will be deleted by the mods.
2. Please place images and vids under the cut. (A small preview of icons, wallpapers, and other graphics is acceptable.)
3. Please put any fic longer than a drabble behind the cut.
4. Please label all fic and art with Title, Author/Artist, Pairing(s) (if applicable), Rating, Warnings (if applicable) and Disclaimer.
5. In order to make the community easier to search and navigate, please tag all posts with this system.
6. NO introduction posts or other off-topic material. Off-topic posts will be deleted by the mods.
7. If you have questions about the rules, or aren't sure if a post you want to make is appropriate, please contact the moderators at copsandhunters @ gmail.com before posting.


copsandhunters hosts regular challenges. You do not need to participate in the challenges to join the community or share fic, art, etc. The current challenge is announced here.

Thanks, and have fun!
- sasha_davidovna and marinarusalka


Banner made by sasha_davidovna with caps from oxoniensis and Screencap Paradise